Metal Gear Solid V : Ground Zero’s PS4 Review

Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear Series latest title follows Naked Snake aka Big bosses story line not Solid Snakes as he infiltrates an American black site in Cuba called Camp Omegaand to rescue Paz and Chico this title is set following MGS: Peace Walker.

Unfortunately while the games graphics and level of detail is very good the content here is very basic and the game itself is a very short venture unless you plan on going for the best scores on each stage it really boils down to a teaser of the next title for the series The Phantom Pain to be released later this year.

kiefer Sutherland steps in to voice Big boss which means long time Snake voice actor David Hayter has had to step aside which is good in my opinion although when Keifer Sutherland delivers some of snakes famous lines it just does not sound right coming from him rather than Hayter.

The game however does show what The Phantom Pain has in store for us which is looking good with updated graphics and mechanics that show that there is still a lot of innovation left in a franchise that has been running since 1987.

Im a huge fan of the Metal Gear series but I will admit after playing Ground Zeros I found myself disappointed by how short the game was it reminded me too much of the PSP title Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops while there is still the amazing cut scenes we have come to expect from Hideo kojima and his staff Ground Zero’s ultimately falls short my expectations.




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