Dark Souls – Retro Review

With Bloodborne newly released and with critical acclaim we thought looking back at Bloodbornes older brothers Dark Souls and Demons Souls today we will be looking at Dark Souls.

First released in japan in 2011 Dark souls was the spiritual successor of Demons Souls unlike Demons Souls however Dark Souls was not a Playstation exclusive released for PS3 Xbox 360 and PC.
Directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki Dark Souls is set In the lands of lordran a world gripped by the undead curse which is what the player’s character is afflicted with in short this means anyone who afflicted by the curse will die and be brought back to life at a bonfire until he or she goes “hollow” this is basically becoming a mindless husk this however never affects the player but does affect the various npc’s throughout the world.
The world of Dark Souls is vast and interconnected completely which makes the world feel alive and helps players feel emersed in the world.
The story like Demons Souls is vague and allows players to piece together the story for themselves and try to come up with theories of their own with item description or just paying close attention to the world.

The game is notoriously hard but never unfair, if you die in this game it was your fault this means being vigilant and players learning from their mistakes is key to beating Dark Souls many challenges.


Bonfires serve as check points where players return to on death in Dark Souls like Demons Souls when players die all previously killed enemies before death respawn meaning the player has to fight their way through all the challenges of the area all over again.
While this sounds like a mechanic that would take away from the experience but in fact enhances it giving a feeling of accomplishment when the player achieves anything in the game and keeps players on their toes enhancing the immersion.


The online mode of Demons Souls returns in Dark Souls with the ability to invade players worlds without there consent while this is fun the system was very hit and miss with seeking a world to invade taking an ungodly amount of time.

Dark souls is a true brutal delight challenging even the most hardcore gamers and  giving them a sense of achievement in a truly immersive world.



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