Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Review

image The newest addition to the monster hunter series has arrived but how does it stack up? Monster Hunter is a game which unlike the normal fighting against multiple targets pits you against one huge monster each with various deadly abilities, weaknesses and designs. Monster Hunter revolves around killing these huge beasts to then use there body parts to create new gear to enable you to hunt the next more challenging monster which leads to a very rewarding but addictive experience. image The story is very loose and has little to no depth which unfortunately while the game has dialogue its all written characters make grunts when dialogue appears but thats as far as voice acting goes this ultimately started to grind my gears and go really annoying after a while but this is my oppinion. While playing alone provides some challenge venturing to the gathering hall and taking on the various ranks of hunts on the online mode of Monster Hunter is where the game shines allowing up to 4 hunters to team up and hunt monsters with each tier boasting its own difficulty if you are not prepared for a hunt you will fail. The hugely popular monster hunter 4 has now like its previous counter parts spawned its “Ultimate” version which includes more monsters to fight and gears to create which adds more play time to a already massive game.

All in all Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is a huge game with a massive ammount of content while its single player story is weak and feels like a story to try and make sense of the whacky world your in its still a great game and is worth a purchase for any 3DS owner. 8/10


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