Little Big Planet 3 Review


The kid freindly world of  LBP is back with the latest installment LBP 3 while changes have been made to the formula is it good news?

The sack boy of LBP is the poster boy of the playstation so sequals to the ground breaking LBP were always on the cards while Little Big Planet 2 was very close to  Little Big Planet in terms of game play and over all design Little Big Planet 3 tries to mix it up by letting players take control of multiple different characters for the first time.

While the humour and creative juices are flowing this time around it feels like something was missing this time around while the story itself in traditional LBP fashion is not to be taken very seriously the over all presentation is very good with bright,fun and entertaining environments with great music.

But giving players control of these new characters feels like it takes away from what made LBP what it was and feels like an addition that was not needed.

Little big planet 3 while not as polished as the two previous titles is a good game for kids and adults alike and is just what it has always been a game made to make you smile and not to be taken too seriously.



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