From the creators of Demon Souls and Demon Souls comes BloodBorne the dark and beautifully visceral successor to the souls series and it does not fail to disappoint.

The game itself is set in Yharnam, a city that has been aflicted with the curse of beasts. You are a hunter and it’s your job to hunt these beasts down.
The games overall story is not handed to you like in most games these days in typical souls game fasion the story is vague and much of the story is told through careful use of scenery and item descriptions allowing the player to piece together there own take on the events unfolding around them.
This can lead to players checking every nook and cranny for clues or leave them scratching their heads asking what just happened.

Various changes have been made to the souls series formula the biggest being the loss of shields firearms have been introduced but not in the traditional sense but being low damage
Weapons primarily used for staggering opponents If timed just before a opponents strike makes contact allowing players to perform a visceral attack much like riposte’s in Dark/Demons Souls.

Hunter pistol a standard firearm

Although unlike the shield the guns in bloodborne require bullets to fire no bullets no parries.

Unlike the previous souls games where a massive variety of wepons were available Bloodborne has a much smaller amount to choose from but these weapons allow you to change there forms with the press of the L1 button a such as the kirkhammer changing from a sword to a huge hammer at the touch of a button.
The combat in Bloodborne is frantic fast paced and unlike the previous souls games where after taking a hit you normally would back off from your enemy Bloodborne rewards players if they strike back at the enemy after taking damage rewarding them with lost health if there quick enough.

The game itself is a marvellous display of the power the playstation 4 has each area detailed,dark and gives a feeling of danger around every corner and each monster in Bloodborne looks and feels dangerous and blend perfectly with there surroundings.

There is so much to do in the game and so much to see dont be suprised if you find yourself clocking in 25+ hours on your first play through and thats not to mention the online pvp system and optional areas and bosses that await brave enough hunters.

Bloodborne is a masterpiece of the Dark fantasy genre blending RPG elements with fluid fast pased combat and rewarding challenging gameplay a true must buy for any PS4 owner



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